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Name: Face the Fact
Location: Orange County, CA
Website: http://www.facethefactband.com, http://www.mp3.com/face_the_fact
Label: None
R.I.Y.L. No Doubt, Oingo Boingo

Ashley Hittesdorf - Vocals
Eugene Perarras - Guitar
Francis Rabe - Bass
George Pepe - Moog, Keyboard, Keytar
Jason Chavez - Keyboard, Guitar, Back-up vocal
Melissa Koziel - Drums

Get Some EP - self-released 2002
2 song demo - self-released 2002

Back to You (version 2.0)

The 80's are coming back and Face the Fact is leading the pact. Comprised of members from now defunct local ska bands Perilous, For Pete's Sake, and Make 7, Face the Fact is bringing back a style that has long since been forgotten. Taking heavy influences from 80's bands such as Oingo Boingo, this year old band is making a huge impact in a scene cluttered with pop-punk bands that all sound the same. Their unique sound has already gained them attention from managers and labels alike. They released their first, now out of print, 5-song EP after only being a band for a few months and after a few line-up changes, getting a new guitarist and adding a second keyboard player, they have gone back in the studio and gave us 2 more amazing songs which are only a preview of bigger and better things to come in the future. Expect to be hearing a lot from these guys in the future with a possible tour in the works for this summer. Now go bust out your bright colored clothes and MC Hammer pants because the 80's are back.

Upcoming Shows:
Sunday, October 6th
Anaheim, CA
@Chain Reaction
1652 W. Lincoln Ave
w/ The Silence, Red West, The Independents, Wester
All Ages - 7:30pm

Saturday, November 9th
Anaheim, CA
@The House of Blues
1530 S. Disneyland Dr.
w/ Jeffries Fan Club, Codename: Rocky, other bands TBA
All Ages - 7:00pm
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