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August Premier

sorry for the lack of updates, but without further adu let me present to you...

Name: August Premier
Location: Chicago, IL
Website: http://www.augustpremier.net, http://www.mp3.com/augustpremier
Label: LLR Records
R.I.Y.L. Allister, New Found Glory, Running Late

Daniel "Duds" Halminiak - Guitar, Vocals
Christopher David Rogner - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Ryan Halminiak - Bass
Michaelangelo Nicholas Molinari - Drums

Balloons...Everything's Okay EP - LLR Records 2001

Tuckered Out"
Happy Song (unreleased from "Balloons...Everything's Okay" sessions)
4 Hours (unreleased from "Balloons...Everything's Okay" sessions)

Wow I'm doing a pop-punk band...is something wrong with me, well besides too much work, no. These guys are actually a good pop-punk band (rare I know). A relatively young band who hasn't much broken out of the Chicago scene yet but are doing an amazing job there. They have a not-so unique blend of pop-punk with heart felt lyrics but they do a better job at it than 99% of the bands out there trying to do the same thing. You can definitely hear the Allister influences (one of the members of August Premier has an older brother in Allister), so maybe so you get an idea think of Allister gone "emo." So far they only have the 8 song EP "Balloons...Everything's Okay" out but hopefully we will be hearing a lot more from these guys soon along with maybe a tour around the country...or at least out here to the west coast.

Upcoming Shows:
--none announced at time of press--
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