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The Stryder

Name: The Stryder
Location: Long Island, NY
Website: http://www.thestryder.com
Label: Equal Vision
R.I.Y.L. its hard to say, they have a sound all their own

Peter Toh - Guitar, Vocals
Scottie Redix - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Wendell - Bass
Durijah Lang - Drums

Masquerade In The Key Of Crime - Equal Vision Records 2000
The Hits Just Keep on Comin 7" - Elkion Reords 2001
Jungle City Twitch - Equal Vision Records 2002
Savor The Danger! EP - Elkion Records 2002

This Is the Time from "Jungle City Twitch"
Sucker from "Masquerade In The Key Of Crime"
White Spiders from "The Hits Just Keep on Comin'"

The Stryder first came onto the scene in 2000 with the release "Masquerade In The Key Of Crime" grabbing onto the coat tails of Saves the Day. The CD was very reminiscent of Saves the Day and some people actually thought it was them just under a secret name. But they aren't, they are their own band. Between the release of Masquerade and the just recent release of "Jungle City Twitch" they went through a major line-up change when they got a new singer. This also changed the direction of the band. "Jungle City Twitch" is a lot different from their first release. This CD sounds like nothing I've heard before. They have taken a more trip-hop approach with the vocals that nicely match the pop-punk instrumentation. Now I don't know about you but when I hear that I think this is going to sound somewhere along the lines of Sum 41, but it doesn't and it's a million times better than they could ever be. As for "Savor the Danger!" it just came out and is the leftover songs from Masquerade with the old singer. The first CD was great and definitely something to get, the new CD is absolutely amazing and is a must for any collection, and I'm sure "Savor the Danger!" will not disappoint.

Upcoming Shows:
Saturday, October 26th
Wilkinsburg, PA
@Roboto Project
722 Wood St.
w/ Farewell Euclid, The Forms, Step Softly, Ghost
All Ages - 7:00pm

Sunday, October 27th
Grand Rapids, MI
@NEW Intersection
w/ Movielife, Brand New, Fairweather, Few &Far Between, Hey Mercedes, Small Brown Bike, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Mustard Plug
more info coming soon
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good band, my friends brother introduced them to me.