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each wednesday i will feature a new "band of the week". these will be mostly indepentant bands in the genras of ska, punk, indie, emo, and hardcore. if you have any suggestions for bands e-mail them to me and i will look into it. e-mail me at least a website along with the bands name and any other info you want me to know. my only requirement is that they have music online for me to listen to

now your probably just thinking im some stupid kid and why you should listen to me. well this is all strictly based on my opinion so listen to it if you want, but just for your sake heres some background info on me. i run a successful radio show which is currently on hiatus. i worked at a club here in southern california booking bands and continue to help book shows around the area for local bands and traveling bands alike. i have worked for a record label. and i also write for a popular "punk" website. i hope these are enough reasons to give my opinion a listen

alkaline trio, allister, animal chin, astoria, ataris, august premier, billy idol, blue meanies, bob marley, buck o nine, busdrivers, catch 22, chris murray, codename: rocky, cousin oliver, crystal method, dan potthast, dashboard confessional, days away, decepticonz, desa, devo, dramarama, dropkick murphys, dumbstruck, duvall, emo, face the fact, fairview, fairweather, finch, forces of evil, get up kids, get well soon, hardcore, hello goodbye, home grown, hope conspiracy, hot rod circuit, indie, jeffries fan club, juliana theory, koufax, last summer, less than jake, limbeck, link 80, living end, lo fidelity all stars, longfellow, lost north star, lucky boys confusion, mad caddies, madness, mates of state, melee, midtown, moby, mothermania, motion city soundtrack, movielife, mr t experience, mu330, mustard plug, my superhero, nerf herder, new amsterdams, new found glory, no motiv, nuckle brothers, oingo boingo, open:hand, orange island, pietasters, planet smashers, potshot, propellerheads, punk, pushover, racketball, reel big fish, rock kills kid, routine riot, royal crown revue, rufio, running late, rx bandits, saves the day, ska, ska king crab, skankin' pickle, slapstick, slow gherkin, slow reader, something corporate, southbase, sparta, static lullaby, sublime, suburban legends, summerville, supermarket all stars, teen heroes, the 20goto10, the anniversary, the aquabats, the b. lee band, the clash, the cure, the doors, the hippos, the honor system, the impossibles, the reunion show, the silence, the slaves, the stereo, the stryder, the toasters, the urge, thrice, thursday, time in malta, tokyo rose, tsunami bomb, u2, ultimate fakebook, unsteady, unwritten law, up syndrome, yellowcard